Cracking the Dark Web: Essential OSINT Tools for Investigators

Explore the collection of free tools to scan, crawl, and get .onion links for your research

Dark web user investigating with essential OSINT tools

Open-Source Intelligence (OSINT) on the Dark Web involves utilizing various tools and techniques to gather information from hidden and often difficult-to-access websites. Below are some key tools categorized by their specific functions, including search engines, link acquisition, scanning, data crawling, and miscellaneous utilities.

Dark Web Search Engines

1. Katana

GitHub: Katana
Katana is a versatile tool designed to enhance your search capabilities on the Dark Web. It aids in finding hidden services and extracting valuable information.

2. OnionSearch

GitHub: Onion Search
Onion Search is another powerful search tool that enables users to find specific content across numerous Dark Web sites.

3. Darkdump

GitHub: Dark dump
Dark dump is designed for querying Dark Web services, providing a simple command-line interface to locate hidden service addresses.

4. Ahmia Search Engine

Website: Ahmia
GitHub: Ahmia-site
Ahmia indexes and searches for .onion sites, making it easier to find information on the Dark Web through a user-friendly interface.

5. Darkus

GitHub: Darkus
Darkus facilitates the search for hidden services on the Dark Web, assisting users in discovering relevant. onion sites.

1. Hunchly

Website: Hunchly Dark Web OSINT
Hunchly is a comprehensive OSINT tool that also supports Dark Web investigations by capturing and analyzing Dark Web data.

2. Tor66

Onion Link: Click to open
Tor66 provides fresh .onion links, making it a valuable resource for finding up-to-date hidden service addresses.

1. Onionscan

GitHub: Onionscan
Onionscan is an open-source tool that analyzes and scans .onion sites for vulnerabilities, helping to assess the security of Dark Web services.

2. Onioff

GitHub: Onioff
Onioff allows users to analyze and gather metadata from .onion links, enhancing the ability to understand the content and structure of hidden services.

3. Onion-nmap

GitHub: Onion-nmap
This tool integrates Nmap, a popular network scanning tool, to scan and map .onion sites within the Tor network.

Tools to Crawl Data from the Dark Web

1. TorBot

GitHub: TorBot
TorBot is designed to crawl and index content from the Dark Web, enabling more efficient data collection.

2. TorCrawl

GitHub: is a Python-based crawler specifically for Dark Web exploration, useful for automated data extraction.

3. VigilantOnion

GitHub: VigilantOnion
VigilantOnion offers comprehensive crawling capabilities, focusing on thorough data collection from .onion sites.

4. OnionIngestor

GitHub: OnionIngestor
This tool aids in the automated ingestion of data from Dark Web sources, facilitating large-scale data analysis.

5. Darc

GitHub: Darc
Darc is a dark web archiver that helps in storing and managing data extracted from hidden services.

6. Midnight Sea

GitHub: Midnight Sea
Midnight Sea is a versatile crawler designed to navigate and extract information from the Dark Web.

7. Prying Deep

GitHub: Prying Deep
Prying Deep is focused on deep crawling .onion sites to gather extensive data for analysis.


1. DeepDarkCTI

GitHub: DeepDarkCTI
DeepDarkCTI provides cyber threat intelligence from the Deep and Dark Web, aiding in identifying potential threats and security issues.


These tools are essential for cybersecurity professionals, researchers, and investigators looking to gather intelligence from the Dark Web. Each tool offers unique capabilities, making them suitable for different aspects of Dark Web exploration and analysis.